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NTHU Shuttle Bus Route Change Notification (May 29)

NTHU Shuttle Bus Route Change Notification

Due to the excavation construction of temporary water and electricity piping roads on site works of Hung Liang Museum, the road surroundingthe campus in the section between the Innovation Incubator Center and the Tsing Hua Laboratory will be shut down in both directions from May 29th, 2021 to May 30th, 2021. During this period of time, the driving routes of the shuttle buses will be changed as follows:

5/29 (Saturday) Departure time from North Main Gate: 8:5012:1013:1016:20; TSMC Departure Time: 8:5712:1713:1716:27)

North Main Gate→General Building II→Maple Path→College of Humanities andSocial Sci.→TSMC Building→College of Humanities and Social Sci.→Maple Path→General Building II→North Main Gate

In case of bad weather, construction will be postponed, and NTHU Shuttle Bus route will follow the original route.

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