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Name Extension Responsibilities
Yang,Mei-Juan 31018 Overall planning, co-ordination and management.
Yang,Ya-Hui 31370 Managing the main campus and nanda shuttle bus, University System of Taiwan shuttle bus, Academia Sinica shuttle bus and city bus No. 83 etc.
Huang,Bao-yun 31379 Managing venue rental, e.g., auditorium, international conference hall, general building ll conference room etc.
Huang, Keng-Yu 31369 Managing campus bathroom and administrative office cleaning service maintenance etc.
Zheng,Yu-Jie 35248 Managing campus rubbish open bidding and management supervision, garbage processing payment reimbursement etc.
Tsai,Feng An 31381 Managing campus environment and East & West Yuan outdoor environment cleaning service etc.
Lee, Hui-Ling 62239 Dealing with utility bill write-off of campus and staff dormitory etc.
Tseng, Chih-Wei 31375 Managing water dispenser and vending machine etc.
Sun, Chiu-Hsiang 31373 Managing administration building Conference Room I, II and III.
Chen, San-Tsung 31383 Managing auditorium venue etc.
Gu, Yu-Cheng 31195 Managing MXIC building lnternational Conference Hall.
Peng, Hung-Jung 31386 Principal car driving.
Hsieh,Yi-Nang 31386 Official car driving.
Chiu, Chin-Lang 31387 Official car driving.
Lin, Te-Ming 31387 Official car driving.
Lin, Rung-Chang 31377 Official car driving.
Lee,Fang-Chung 31377 Official car driving.
Feng, Yien-Yi 31377 Campus cleaning and maintenance.
Ho, Chao-Huang 31377 Campus cleaning and maintenance.
Huang, Chuan-Yi 31377 Campus cleaning and maintenance.
Liu, Chabg -Yi 31377 Campus cleaning and maintenance.




















































































































































City Bus No. 83